Our Daily Manna April - June 2017 Edition By Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe - eBook

Our Daily Manna April - June 2017 Edition By Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

April 2017 Day 23

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At a season of my life and ministry, my daily cry was: ‘Lord, make me uncommon in my life and ministry.” At a corporate gathering in London, I was also led to minister on the theme: “I refuse to be a statistics. Lord, make me uncommon!” Much later, as I was preparing to minister on a Sunday morning, the Lord gave me a burning theme: “I shall not die in the crowd.” So today’s devotional emphasis was born from these encounters! I discovered that God had sworn to the Jews: “Thou shalt be blessed ABOVE all people ...” - today’s scripture, vs 14. He did not say “You will be blessed ALONG with them.” God’s mind for you is to be made uncommon from the crowd in 2017. Then a “bullet’ from 1 Peter 2:9 hit me: “But ye are a chosen generation, ...a PECULIAR people...” The Oxford Dictionary defines peculiar as something, UNUSUAL ODD, EXCLUSIVE, SPECIAL PARTICULAR! So l cried out daily the following prayer points: “O Lord, make me uncommon and peculiar in my generation,” “O Lord, make me unusual in my generation” and “0 Lord, make me exclusive in my generation. Take me from the crowd!” God is doing it in my life and I believe He will do the same for you! Know that you are a generation within a generation! Truth is, God’s desire is to see you separated! It is called “Competitive Advantage” in Business terms. God wants you to have a unique competitive advantage in the midst of the 7.8 billion souls on planet earth. See how a business guru puts it: “Competitive advantage manifests by developing a product that becomes the industry standard, achieving lower costs, having a more convenient geographical location, introducing new markets ( Local and International) engaging in company buyouts, merger and acquisition and deploying new technology.” Oh, as the political, economic and social world yearns to be different, make that your hot pursuit in the remaining months of 2017. Pray the 3 prayer points in this write-up now and for the next 3 days with fasting! Include the prayers below....

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