Our Daily Manna October to December 2016 edition By Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

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BASIC SCRIPTURES: JOHN 14: 23-31; 1 SAMUEL 15: 1-26

Years ago, terrorists used a cell phone to trigger off a bomb at a Jerusalem university that killed five Americans and two Israelis. It was a shock that threw the world into technological panic! Investigations revealed that there was a connection between the cell phone and the bomb located in the university. Yes, there was a device (another cell phone) in the bomb. A cell phone in a bomb? Indeed and it was the sound of the ringing phone that triggered the elements of the bomb with a deadly result. The Holy Ghost emphasis in today’s devotional is: just like that bomb was carrying a phone which became the point of contact between it and the terrorist, so if the devil has anything he can call in you that will answer to his authority, he will get you really wounded as this year ends and a new one begins. Don’t Forget That The Biggest Terrorist On Planet Earth Is That Old Fool Called Lucifer The Devil! Therefore, today’s heavenly alarm is, “Disconnect! Disconnect!! Disconnect!!!” Every satanic habit of secret sin or habit of temper or whatever, belonging to the devil still operating in your life, must be disconnected to prevent a deadly end. Saul refused to let the Amalekites go totally. He kept their sheep and oxen and it destroyed his ministry and life. What are the sheep and goats (properties) of the enemy that you are keeping? I call them ‘satanic points of contact.’ Man may not see them but heaven does. Clean up today and let go! “The prince of this world cometh, but he has NOTHING in me” - John 14:30. Let the Amalekites go completely. Live holy, clean, and with a clear conscience as this year ends. Don’t be your own enemy! Refuse to allow sin or any property of the enemy dwell in your temple. Burn that charm and see your pastor. Declare John 14:30 several times now! Your fear of God determines the fear of men for you! Disconnect!

Pray today about 2017 and about the next WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, January 27th 2017. Start making plans to start the year with the WORLDWIDE 21-day fasting programme and PLAN TO BE AT THE World Anointing Night, at TBS, Lagos for a : “NIGHT OF EVIDENCE.”

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: The old rugged cross...

1. Concerning this year, I command every property or satanic point of contact in my life to be consumed by fire in Jesus name. Loose a last minute miracle!

2. Owners of evil loads; carry your loads and go in Jesus name. Loose a last minute end-of-year miracle now!

3. Satanic habits and loads, I reject you. Loose me and go in Jesus name. Pray about today seriously now.


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Monday Ogbe

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