Speaking With One Voice - National Submit Of Association Of Christian Schools IN Nigeria in Video

Encounter Speaking With One Voice At The National Submit Of Association Of Christian Schools IN Nigeria in Video MP4


In the beginning …, the idea that gave birth to Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN) started among the founders of some Christian schools in Plateau State, Nigeria. The idea was brainstormed on to provide a formidable Christian alternative to the fallen standard in our National education system. Whereas the government had policies and standards that could turn our educational system around for good, the founders did not see this happening. Further formal discussions were held on the 8th November, 1996, 16th July 1997, and 26th November, 1997, at various venues, culminating in the formation of ACSN as a stakeholder and to complement government efforts in providing standard education in our motherland.

ACSN is a not for profit, apolitical and non-denominational organization based on the Word of God (Deuteronomy 6:1-9) where we are commanded to teach our children diligently so that they will love God with all their heart, soul and might. ACSN is concerned about the falling academic, moral and spiritual standards in the Nigerian Schools and the need to emphasize a sound and quality education that will result in the growth of young people in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man in line with the Word of God (Luke 2:52). ACSN is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. (CAC/IT/NO/25804)


There is such a great power in working together that Christian Proprietors, Administrators, Educators and Schools cannot afford to ignore any further. The Bible in Lev. 26:8, Gen. 11:6 and John 17:11 affirms this and encourages strongly. Whenever a people speak one language, has one vision, purpose or dream, then they have laid hold on the power for greatness, achievement through their unity. As all Christian institutions come together to take advantage of their common language, vision, political and religious unity, nothing will be impossible for them to achieve for God’s glory.


Christian education in the body of Christ; raising generations of servant-leaders through qualitative and quantitative academic and biblical discipleship, transforming nations to the glory of God.


To equip holistic educators through biblical discipleship to produce highly intellectual and godly servant leaders, that transform society.

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

  1. To raise a Godly generation with focus on the heart (spirit), the head (intellect) and hands (skills);
  2. To train servant leaders with Christlike character;
  3. To plan, design, develop holistic Christian Education curriculum addressing gaps, infiltrations, corruptions, distortions and distractions for use by all Christian educators/schools;
  4. To organize seminars, workshops, public lectures/ trainings to enhance the competence and quality of Proprietors, managers and teachers of Christian schools;
  5. To run effective administrative and corporate governance structure through visionary, spirit filled and competent servant leaders;
  6. To transform for more information on the ACSN Click Here

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